Sage 50 SDK (API 2023)

Hello all,

I'm attempting to get a basic C# application off the ground in order to import sales invoice data.  I have received an Application Id for the app, and have called my session begin and am successfully viewing the company data. 

However, when I attempt to request access to the company (which I believe is needed before I can begin calling any of the Factory classes), with the following:

AuthorizationResult authorizationResult = new AuthorizationResult();
authorizationResult = session.RequestAccess(thisCompany);

company = session.Open(thisCompany);

I receive an "Authorization Exception: Authentication failed" message.

My authorizationResult object shows a status of "Pending", which is likely the culprit.

So, I have 2 questions:

1.  Would the Pending authorization create the Authentication failed exception?

2.  How would I go about moving the authorization from Pending to Accepted?

Thanks in advance for any direction that you can provide.

~ Jonathan