• Help! Upgraded to Sage 50 2024 and my apps now throw "Unable to cast COM object of type ..."

    Ah I forgot to copy over the latest Interop.PeachwServer.dll and recompile like I have to do every year.. nope still fails. Version 31 dated 10/5/2023, looks good. Downloaded the 2024 SDK to see if anything has changed in the COM interface.. nope, login…
  • Importing Purchase Invoices with a file

    Please provide the documentation for a file import of purchase invoices. Can this be done? The API throws an error and I need to provide an alternate method. Thx, Jean
  • Upgrade from Sage 50 2018 version to Sage 50 2023

    I am considering to purchase the latest sage 2023 version to upgrade from 2018 version. May I know whether there are any technical problem for upgrading data pack from 2018 version to 2023 version? Further more, are there any installation guideline…
  • Latest version/build of Sage 50 2021?

    Greetings all, My Sage 50 2021 install is build I have a customer of mine that received a Sage 50 update, and their build number is higher than mine. I took a screenshot which of course accidentally got deleted, But I want to say the…
  • Can The 2020 SDK Be Used For Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2016

    We are looking for a way to automatically create Sales Invoices and Sales Orders in our Sage 50 Accounting Premium 2016 using the SDK. There is no longer any link for the 2016 SDK. Can the 2020 SDK be used with Sage 50 Accounting 2016?
  • Unable to download Peachtree 2010 SDK

    I am unable to locate the SDK. The link provided on many answers ( http://www.peachtree.com/sdk) redirects to a page that has nothing to do with SDK but promotes sage cloud registration. Where can I get the SDK? Thank you!
  • Can the current version of the SDK be used with an old VB6 application? If so, is there any documentation?

    I have an old VB6 application that is still in use, but stopped being able to push data into Sage 50 via the SDK since we updated to one of the more recent versions of Sage 50. I downloaded the 2019 version of the SDK and haven't been able to figure out…
  • .net api manuals

    I must be missing something. I am trying to find a manual that describes all the factories or methods that .net api has and how they work. I looked in my documentation folder in the sdk directory and all I have is a quick start for .net. My COM documentation…
  • Peachtree 2008 SDK

    Looking for the old Peachtree 2008 SDK. I still have the DLL but could not find the documentation. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  • Notes

    Hello, Our company currently uses sage 50 us edition. We need to have a field that is similar to the notes field that under the customer contact screen that carries over to the sales entry screen. I want the ability to type an internal note that has…
  • 2012 SDK Download

    I own an application that interfaces with Peachtree 2010 and need to update my application to interface with Peachtree 2012 but I can't seem to locate the SDK download. Can someone provide a link to the 2012 SDK? Thanks, Dave
  • sdk Dcoumentation before joining Peachtree 3rd Party Add-on Program

    I have an upcoming requirement for integrating POS machine with Peachtree. Please help me on the SDK. For downloading SDK it asks for province(I am not in US). Can i get some documents regarding integration using .net without downloading SDK
  • I am getting "Sage.Peachtree.API.Exceptions.IncompatibleCompanyVersionException: Company requires conversion"

    I have upgraded my Sage 50 US 2013 to 2015. When I access the Sage 50 Company via the SDK for Sage 2015 (.NET application), I get an error "Sage.Peachtree.API.Exceptions.IncompatibleCompanyVersionException: Company requires conversion". Can you kindly…
  • The SDK does not come with required DLLS

    I downloaded the 2016 edition from here: http://www.sage.com/us/sage-50-accounting/download/sdk/download When I run the exe, it gives me a ton of documentation and a reference to the API assembly (Sage.Peachtree.API.XML), but not the Sage.Peachtree…
  • Which SDK to download ?

    Which SDK to download ? I’m given a choice of: 2015.3 2015.2 2015.1 2015 SDK, etc Is there any printed general overview about installing and using the SDK ? I’m going to need to write sales orders into Sage; any suggestions as…
  • Have not received Sage 50 SDK

    I applied here http://na.sage.com/us/partners/development-partners-erp-crm-hrms weeks ago for the SDK (and again today) but heard nothing back.