Ok, I have the payroll tax service and did not realize that the 1099NEC would print the recipient copies four to a page, which makes no sense since the recipient only needs 1 copy.  I ordered 1099NEC three to a page for Fed & recipient & envelopes.  I printed a set of these about a week ago and they printed just fine. Three to a page for Fed & recipient. Now I go to print some and the Fed printed three to a page, but the recipient printed four on a page (of the same recipient) and printed the form as well as the data.  What the heck? So now the forms and envelopes for the recipient that I bought are useless.   OK, so I went to the knowledge base and downloaded the 1099NEC forms for those who do not have payroll service and copied that form into the Forms folder. When I print using that, it prints three to a page of the same recipient.   The forms are already ridiculously priced and if this is how I have to print them I'll be using three times more forms than I need to since it is printing three of the same recipient on each page.  

Surely there is a way to print the recipient copy to where it prints three different recipients on each page, just like on the Fed copy????  And why did it work that way a week ago and now all the sudden it does it differently?

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    If you print the 1099-NEC Forms through Aatrix, then you will need a RED Federal Preprinted form, 4-to-a-page blank forms for Employees, and a RED 1096 Preprinted Form. If you print the 1099-NEC Forms using the Forms files instead, you will need the preprinted 3-to-a-page forms (sold as a set). So to answer your question, the only way to print recipient copies that are 3-to-a-page is by printing your 1099-NEC forms outside of Aatrix utilizing the Forms files (FRM). We offer the preformatted FRM file for a nominal charge of $25, which also gives you a $25 credit towards a future checks or forms order from us. If you'd like additional assistance with this, please reach out to us at https://pcosupport.com or 800-780-0700 or 954-961-0600.