Does Sage have staffing problems?

I've been trying to update my software for over a week now. I've reached out for support with very little help. I am currently on day 4 of trying to get this fixed. As I have now sat on hold for well over 5 hours, I am hearing all these ads suggesting me to attend a training on how to improve your hiring. It is really hard to hear a company want to give me help on hiring when clearly they don't take their own advice. 

As everyone I have spoken with is very nice and trying to be helpful, they are clearly not trained properly and have absolutely no support from the company. This has taken a bulk of my time waiting to get help only to be sent back on hold for the next representative to also not be able to assist. As a business owner I am upset at the amount of time I have already wasted and still have no solution. 

I need to get my first payroll done for the year by tonight. If I can't get this program running I will be forced to change to another program. This is really very ridiculous and somewhat concerning. 

I've gone on their social media pages and see that many people are have the same problems but no one can help us. 

Maybe Sage should be advertising for help. They clearly need more employees and a better training for their employees. 

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