Why is there not a form for 1099 MISC or NEC Instructions?

Now that we have to use Aatrix to print our 1099's we only have the option of printing to blank paper without the instructions.  No way to get around this.  So we either have to send to our recipients without the instructions or print a 12 page form from the IRS to put in the envelope with the 1099's.  Does anyone else find this unacceptable, or is it just me?  Am I missing something - anyone have a link to a shorter instructions sheet to send to recipients with the 1099's?  This is the answer I got from Sage.  Now that it is January5, 2023 you would think this would have been figured out a long time ago.

"... Aatrix doesn't have the instructions turned on for the 1099 forms except for the 1099-K. That's an issue that we're trying to address with Aatrix. In the meantime, the workaround is to print out the 1099-NEC instructions from the IRS website and attach it. I'm sorry for this inconvenience."