• Holiday Support Hours

    What are the support hours for this coming Friday after Thanksgiving, 11/25/2022? Sage 50 US Thank you
  • Sage 50 End of Year

    Is there a way to skip end of year in Sage 50 and continue to the next period? Or do we need to perform the end of year before we start a new period? Thank you for your time.
  • Expenses accounts showing begining balance as of 1/1/2021

    Dear, Closed our accouting period as on 31dec21, but just noticed, few of the expenses accounts are zero and few are showing the begining balance as of 1jan21. I dont know why, maybe we did somethng wrong while doing yeat end wizard? We have 9…
  • Fiscal Year End question

    We have been trying to complete the Fiscal Year End Close for over 5 hours and the system hangs up on the back up and never proceeds. my question is - can we enter data into the system with a July date if we haven't completed the close (our system period…
  • Cannot run Year End Wizard due to " Waiting on Bill" boxes checked for Bills that had a prepayment made in a closed year

    I have Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2015 and got an error message while running the year-end wizard - It states that there were one or more purchases, dated in the fiscal year I am closing, are waiting on a bill from a vendor. To run the year end wizard…
  • System is freezing up when I try to close 2018

    System is freezing up when I try to close 2018. It's been running for hours and only moves 1 percentage point per 40 minutes.
  • I no longer can do my adjusting entries (following the conversion to new fiscal year)

    I have an April Year-end and I no longer can do my adjusting entries (following the conversion to new fiscal year). Can someone help me?
  • accounting period messed up

    After running year end process to close 2017 calendar year, our accounting period 13 became the whole year 2019 and then 2020 month by month all the way to period 24 is Nov. 2020, and the accounting lady didn't find out this mistake and continue entering…
  • Year-end question? Sage Live Tutor Available Monday-Friday January 2 – 31, 2019 for Sage 50—U.S. Edition

    Got a year-end question? Instead of calling in and waiting on hold, get live help through Sage Live Tutor—an online “meeting room” with customer questions answered live by a Sage expert. “Sage Live Tutor” will be available every business day in January…
  • account reconcilation

    Is there a way to lock each month's account reconcilation after balancing? Thanks.
  • Account reconciliation problems after year end closing and purging

    I closed out and purged end of year 2015 - did not lock account reconcilations so some checks that were written in december of 2014 are no longer there and therefore, my account reconcilations have been throw off balance - is there a way to rectify this…
  • How much trouble am I in?

    I am the new CFO for a not-for-profit organization in NYC. I have very limited knowledge of Sage but I can tell you this much. We use Sage 50 for not-for-profits. My predecessor left about a month ago and did not close out the year properly. That much…
  • w2's

    I have not upgraded this year, can I still run W2's
  • Year end

    Do I need to run year end wizard for my ending balance to show as beginning balance for my new fiscal year?
  • Need to know when the 2014 y.e. was processed in order to restore the archive

    The 2014 archive has been lost and need to recreate it but don't know when the y.e. was processed
  • Reconcile year end errors

    I closed out 2011 but did not print out the page during the verification process that showed the discrepancies. How do I get the log of these errors?
  • Fiscal Year End Issue.

    Hi All, We are doing Fiscal Year end operation, when run the FIYEND we are facing a critical problem is like "Unbalanced Journal In ledger currency". we are unable to close the fiscal year. can you help me out from this issue.. its very argent …
  • LEARNING: Payroll Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution

    Gain valuable troubleshooting skills and learn to resolve common payroll issues. After attending this course you will understand and know how to correct: Incorrect withholding amounts Vacation/sick time errors Form 941 errors W2 errors Creating…
  • Phone and chat support will be open on the first 2 Saturdays in January.

    Great news for anyone working over the weekend to get their year-end processes finished. Our Sage 50—U.S. Edition phone and chat support will be open on Saturday January 3rd and Saturday January 10th.
  • Sage 50 2014 becomes obsolete on November 30, 2014. Upgrade to Release 2015 ASAP!

    You must be on the latest version of Sage 50 and have a current Sage Business Care plan in order to have access to any payroll features, product updates and any other add-on products or services we offer. Please review the dates below for obsolescence…