• Fiscal Year End period changes

    We have been using Sage 50 for several years. Our company's fiscal year (FY) ran Dec 1 thru Nov 30 for many years. We brought on employees mid 2022. We use ADP to process payroll so it is external from Sage 50, but we still wanted to sync up our fiscal…
  • Changing fiscal year end date

    Our old year end was February and we have changed to a December year end. So, our current fiscal year will run March 23-December 23. How do I go about making that change in Sage?
  • Year-End Wizard for Multiple Companies

    How does the Year-End Wizard work for multiple companies? Does each company need to go through the process of the Year-End Wizard separately? We currently have only one company set up and I still need to do the Year-End Wizard to bring in year 2023…
  • Starting a New Company - Sage 50

    When starting a new company, is there a way to copy your employee information (name,address, ss, pay wages, etc - everything under the maintain - employee tab) without re-entering all the information over when starting the company?
  • W-2 - email address not pre-populating

    When I created my W2s originally, I got to a screen to allow me to email the instructions to my employees for accessing their W2s online. When I got to that screen, the emails were populated and I noticed several wrong email addresses. So, I exited out…
  • year end wizzard

    This is my first time using the close wizzard and I did not close my fiscal year correctly. None of my accounts were zeroed out. How can I reopen 2013 and reclose to correct my account balances?