• New periods could not be assigned! Close fiscal year failed!

    It's always something I swear to god, staff just tried closing and receive this error message, what is the solution and what was the problem in the first place?
  • Year End Close

    A year end close was ran overnight but when coming back to the office it was stuck at 64%. I restarted sage and was able to get into the new fiscal year. Does that mean the year end close ran properly?
  • Expense account will not close out at year end

    I have discovered an expense account that will not close at year end. at the beginning of the year it has a beginning balance. I've tried to post a general journal entry to close it out, I've tried to change beginning balance but nothing works. It continues…
  • After Year end close journal entries

    I would like to have the ability to do journal entries to closed years. As a precaution you can do the verify the year you are entering type of warning. This would be especially helpful when we received information late from an auditor. Please let me…
  • Clearing Old Unprinted Checks from Closed Periods

    I am attempting to clean up Sage 50 Premium Accounting on our system. The Year-End Wizard says we have unprinted Payment Checks and instructs me to print them. Some of them are errors or rmistakes, and they are in a closed period. Sage will not let me…