2. Set up Company

Before beginning the Create a New Company wizard, have the following information:

  • Ensure you know your fiscal year structure (12 or 13 months, calendar year or other).
  • Determine if your accounting method will be accrual or cash basis. Choose Accrual if you use Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR).

Note: detailed steps to set up your company are described in the Establishing a New Company section of your Get Started learning package on Sage University.

1. Create your company:

2. Review Global Options

  • The Global Options window allows each user to tailor Sage 50 to their preferences. Consult the Get Started guide or online Help for more details.
    • Go to Options > Global.
    • Review all the tabs on the Global Options window and tailor the settings for your business.

3. Default Email program