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Colorado has now issued a new OPTIONAL form for employees to use for Colorado income tax wage withholding adjustments. This is form DR 0004. I do not see any changes for the employee election in the payroll module under the  Status tab to apply the withholding adjustments. How is this form to be used within the payroll module under Status to apply the requested changes by the employee?

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    There is a setting in the program from the Colorado DR 0004.  First, make sure you are on the most current version of the program V2021 sp 11 by going to Help, About. 

    Go to PR, Employees, Maintain Employees and select your employee.

    From there, select Status.

    On the right, in the Filing status, select the drop down and select “CO DR 0004 Form 2022+”

    When this is selected, you will have an option to enter the Annual allowance



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    Thank you Coleen. I never thought to look in the drop down menu. I figured it was only single or married options.

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