• Generate an EFT File

    Does BusinessWorks have the ability to create an EFT file to upload to the banks? I saw a similar thread posted 9 years ago but there was no option at the time. Our bank has this in it's requirements. File format – This needs to be 1464. The Canadian…
  • How to update an AP vendor to EFT in BusinessWorks 2010

    Is there a way to update an existing AP vendor in BusinessWorks 2010 to show they only receive payments via EFT?
  • "Handcheck" shows up when entering an "EFT"??

    Has anyone noticed that the word "Handcheck" appears before "EFT" when entering an EFT? It is a little confusing at first glance when doing Journal Reports and seeing Handcheck in the description line. If so can it be changed?