Sage Estimating - New eTakeoff Dimension Anytime Learning on Sage University

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We are happy to announce availability of 2 new eTakeoff Anytime Learning subscriptions on Sage University!

eTakeoff Dimension brings the power of automation, standardization, and AI to your quantity takeoff workflow—and now, you can access a complete training video library on Sage U.

ESSQ – eTakeoff – Introduction to Dimension is a complimentary starter package, available at no cost. It includes nine videos for over 80 minutes of instruction on starting a project, finding your way around the Dimension window, setting scales, and completing basic measurements. This is a great option for prospective and new customers who are just starting to learn the product. The course comes with a set of practice activities and a list of all the topics covered in the full video package. These videos are also available on YouTube in the Sage Estimating eTakeoff playlist.

ESSQ – eTakeoff – Dimension ($490) is the full subscription package. It includes the nine complimentary videos in the first package, plus an additional 30 videos, for six full hours of instruction. Learn to organize your takeoff; view, filter, and summarize quantities; and use features included with the Premier edition, such as pattern search, SnapAI, and work zones to automate takeoff. The course includes practice activities for every lesson and is available for your entire company for a full year. 

To locate the full Dimension package, log in to Sage University and enter ESSQ – eTakeoff – Dimension in the search field of any Sage U window or click on the eTakeoff option on the Estimating home page:

You can also find these 2 learning packages here: Https://

As always, if you need help locating or registering for training contact our Sage University team at [email protected] or via phone at 1.855.724.3864.