Lien Waivers - accounts payable

When you cut a check and print a Lien Waiver, can you customize the form to include "paid to date" on a job for that vendor?

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    Good morning, Luann, I am a little unsure about where you want the "paid to date" to appear. If it is on the Lien Waiver (attached to the check) then create a duplicate lien waiver that says "Paid To Date" and use that one as the attachment. I suspect that you are asking for "paid to date" to show up on the job itself. Need more input to be able to help you on this. Contact me directly at [email protected].

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    On the lien waiver that is printed at the time the check is printed, we would like to add a line that is the total paid to date to that vendor for that job.  Absent the ability to include the accumulated total on the lien waiver that is printed when I print the check, I will have to print a separate report and type up a separate waiver.  I'm trying to harness the power of Sage to streamline our process, and I'm hitting a dead end.