What versions of Sage 100 Contractor will payroll tax updates be provided for at year end

In prior years, Sage has only been providing the payroll tax update for the latest version of Sage.  For this year that would be version 25.  However version 25 has new system requirements that may involve clients getting a new server to meet those requirements.  We only have 60 days left in the year, so we need this information made public now.

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    Hi Char. Version 25 and its currently listed system requirements will apply to the year-end release. The notable changes we made in version 25 are that the program can no longer be run on operating systems older than Server 2016 or Windows 10, and that we now support using a Microsoft Account (email-based) to create and log in with a Windows Authentication account. There are no plans to change these requirements for the year-end or January 2024 tax updates.