Job Cost Reports


How can I adjust the "cost" for labor in a job cost report? The report defaults to displaying the direct pay amount for employees on the report. Besides the concern of essentially making everyones wages visible, I would like to allocate additional costs to the task to capture a more accurate burden rate. Can this bar done within Sage 100, or is this an add on module?

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    Burden is added via payroll calculations for payroll taxes, workers comp, and other benefits.  The job cost reports all pull the burdened value not gross wages.

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    Thank you for the reply. That answers my question about what is included in the burden rate. My second concern is the impact of sharing that information in project reviews. We have PMs and Superintendents who all make a different salary. The job cost report is displaying the cost of each individual, which is essentially displaying pay rates. This makes it more difficult to have broad team project reviews if everyones wages are on display. Or, is there a different report I should be using for project team reviews?