How do I get the formula to add available action to our check stubs?

We are looking to add available vacation time to our check stubs and I am told that we need a formula and that our support company has to do it for us.  Is this true and if so can someone suggest a support company to help us ours is terrible!

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    The formula would depend upon variables specific to your company.  I would suggest Art Minds.  He can be reached at: 

    Telephone (626) 792-2477

    Email: [email protected]

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    Thank you so much for your help.  We appreciate it, and we will give them a call.

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    Hi Penny,

    That is correct. There are many factors that would drive how these formulas would be designed. For example, I am assuming that you are using the payroll application but are you already accruing vacation time within the system? These formulas can be designed to be driven directly by the employee's records or tracked and then designed within the check stub itself. The other question is how the pay stubs are being generated. Are you using the payroll pay stubs, a Crystal design with MyAssistant, or another third-party product? I am happy to discuss further if you would like to reach out to me directly at [email protected]. Either way, good luck with this project! It is definitely a great move for automation, employee ease of information and tracking!