What is the correct steps to run a payroll register for the year?

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    There's no right answer.  I imagine everyone does something different after the last payroll has been posted for the year.  The reports under Employee Totals are probably helpful but not all inclusive.  Reports under Tax Preperation, especially Subject To Employee and Subject to Employer, are probably important to have, as well as a Deposit Summary under Pay Period Processing.  You may be interested in a Work Comp Summary, burden register, a job labor report, a check activity with employee totals, Union Reports, etc...  I would suggest you run through all the reports as a test and write down the reports you think are important for year end information.   We also print things like a List - Employees, Setup - Employee Pays, Setup - Employee Setup, Setup - Employee Deductions.  It never hurts to have a report saved to file.  Sage Knowledgebase offers this article about payroll reconciliation: 

    Personally, we have customized some of the canned reports to give the information we'd like to see and saved them in a separate menu under PR Reports called Year End just to make the process easier and consistant.  Your consultant should be able to help you if you need it.