Is switching from Traditional Silver Annual Service Plan to Cloud Based mandatory?

We are a small General Contractor that has run Sage 300 CRE from a single Windows PC in our office for more than 20 years.  We have no workstations.
We do not wish to have timecards or Invoices entered into our system remotely.   We use the basic Modules:  A/P, P/R, J/C, G/L, F/S and C/M.  We do not use it for Estimating, Crystal Reports or Project Management.
We are having several 3rd party Vendors telling us we need to migrate to the cloud.  That Sage is going Cloud based only and we need to purchase new software from them.
Is this true?   
I wish to not make any changes and still pay annually for our Service Plan.  Will that be possible for the future?

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    I think Sage 300 CRE is offering  a "subscription" service plan as an alternative to the traditional "silver" plan.  I think the main difference is the subscription is more in line with the annual charge you've been paying vs. the new "silver" plan cost which may be twice or more than what you've been paying when you go to renew.  I think the other difference is the "subscription" fees are required for the software to run.  If you don't subscribe, the software won't function.  

    The subscription version is not cloud-based.  It runs the same as always, on your server, and data is stored there as well.  I think the software must check your subscription license with a database at Sage to confirm you are entitled to use the software.  

    The silver plan version would run without the plan or the annual cost, but you were no longer entitled to updates without buying the annual traditional plan.  I think it's Sage's way of getting people to subscribe to the software because some people were not subscribing in any way, shape, or form, and still running on old, out-dated versions.  

    Furthermore, I think Sage 300 is different than Sage 300 CRE, although I'm not sure.  I have found an article that Sage 300 wasn't going to be sold anymore in the UK.  

    I also found info on Sage Intacct (the cloud based software) and the price is crazy expensive.