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Announcement: Sage 300 CRE supported Year End version (2023)

In an effort to simplify the Year End process this year, we would like to share some specific details about what is needed to complete your Year End tasks this year. This is a bit different than our normal announcement that a specific version is what will be supported for this Year End, because this year the version will depend on whether you are in US or Canada. Please see below for specifics for each country.


This Year End our US customers will not have a Year End specific version of Sage 300 CRE. No program changes were necessary for your normal filings in Account Payable or Payroll for Year End processing above the last major release of 300 CRE, which was version 23.1. However, if your company needs to complete the EEOC (EEO-1 Component 1) reporting this year, you will need to install version 23.1 update 2, which was released at the beginning of November. We would also like to suggest that you review the release notes for version 23.1 update 1 and 2 of Sage 300 CRE, to confirm that your company would not benefit from the enhancements and fixes included in those updates.


Canadian customers will have a Year End update due to the tax and reporting changes for Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) and Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) and the additional reporting requirements around those tax changes. Sage will be releasing version 23.2 of 300 CRE in early December that will include changes to the program that will accommodate those new tax brackets and reporting changes associated with them. The suggested version for our Canadian customers this Year End is version 23.2.


For both US and Canadian customers, we will be releasing the new 2024 taxes in a tax update toward the end of December, the specific date is still to be determined. The tax update includes many tax rate and tax tables changes that are effective January 1, 2024. This tax update will need to be downloaded and applied in the Payroll application AFTER completing your last 2023 Payroll checks and BEFORE creating your first 2024 Payroll checks. 

Thank you,

Phillip Wiering

Product Management, Construction and Real Estate