Exporting all Formulas (spreadsheet based) to Excel (specifically level totals).


I am trying to export my sage spreadsheet to excel with the stipulation that all relevant cells populate with the spreadsheet formula as it is set up in the sage spreadsheet (i.e. an item's total amount contains a formula that is the sum of all the break down category amounts.)

The problem I'm having is that while most cells do populate with the correct formula, "Level Totals" simply display a calculated number, without a formula attached. The number is correct but if I wanted to change a price or item amount in excel, lets say for the material, the level total for material obviously will not update because it is not a formula.

I have called the sage technical support for this matter and ultimately the discussion ended in the program not providing this specific functionality, even though the program claims it can do this. I looked at the xml file produced when exporting and it does indeed not include formulas attached specifically for level totals.

Does anyone know a work around to this problem? Is this something I could code myself in Crystal reports, I did not purchase this, and I'm reluctant to do so mostly because Sage Estimating includes the False option for including ALL cell formulas in a spreadsheet report to excel export, a big flaw on their part.