• Allocating addons to bid items and exclude some

    I need assistance in allocating addons to bid items and want to exclude some items. Example, there are 50 bid line items and I want to exclude bid item 10, 15, 30 & 40 from the addon allocation.
  • Margin Addon Instead of Markup Addon

    Is there any way to setup an addon for it to be a 'percent of total' Context: I want to be able to add a margin instead of a markup. So i'd like my profit to be 10% of my total instead of adding 10% to the current total.
  • Secure Document Storage/Management Solutions

    We are looking for recommendations for document storage/management, especially for payroll and general HR forms. We have looked into Sage HRMS but found that it wasn't really what we are looking for. We are a small company and don't do a lot of hiring…
  • Suggestion for Addons using WBS rather than LMSEO totals

    Sage Estimating, especially when used for Engineer's Estimates, where the Engineer models the various subcontractors as LMSEO COSTS rather than purely Sub PRICES, the need to mark them up properly has been, in my opinion, something Sage Estimating has…