• Sage Estimating Training

    We have had some employee turnover and we're looking for training onsite, remote or recorded specifically relating to Sage 300 CRE Job Cost and Estimating integration and use. We've contacted our sage partner and they have responded, although we're…
  • Sage Estimating (SQL) Consultant

    Can anyone recommend a good Sage Estimating consultant? Thank you!
  • "Info" Button opens a white window that never loads

    As the subject says - whenever I press the Info button or Duplicate estimate I just get a white window that displays no data. I also get the same thing when pressing duplicate estimate?
  • Assign Addon to an alternate.

    I have a Lump Sum addon. It does not assign itself to any alternate (or the Base Bid alternate). How can an addon be assign to a specific alternate (the base bid)?
  • Estimating Assemblies

    How do you make one time assembly containing a one time item in it and saving it to the estimate only? Thank you
  • Calculate a project duration

    How to calculate a project duration in totals page? Is there a certain "Add-On"? Looking for some pointers, thank you in advance!!
  • Base Price Formula

    Can someone give me the formula to add a base price to an item? For instance: An equipment rental has it's monthly rental fees, but I would like to add the delivery fee to the item as well. Thanks
  • Sage estimating and etakeoff

    Hello Everyone, I'm a new user for both etakeoff dimension and sage estimating. As and educator, we use the software as part of a classroom setup. Students will perform takeoff using dimension and transfer data through bridge to Sage estimating. For…
  • Adjusting labor productivity

    When adjusting the labor productivity by a percentage, the final result is greater that the original adjustment. Why is this happening?
  • Sage Estimating - item details - altering crews and adding multiple materials

    Hello - I recently started estimating for a site work construction company who owns Sage Estimating 17.3 but never used it. I also have never used it but am willing to see if it works for our needs. Having estimated with the main competition for years…
  • Estimating Module

    We periodically update vendor pricing for construction materials listed as Parts. Some estimates take a considerable effort to assemble or may get delayed for one reason or another. Oftentimes, the material cost changes from the time you enter it into…
  • Deleting an assembly

    What if any are the ramifications of deleting an assembly? I am not certain if both of the assemblies have been used or not. We are 17.13 SQL version. Thanks.
  • Looking for a Sage Construction Estimating Consultant

    My manager ask me to research deeper into putting our estimating module up and running. He suggested to bring a consultant to make sure we do everything right and flawless. Do you know anyone or have any contacts or experts in this matter that we can…