Getting help from Customer Services during the busiest time of year

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About courtesy call back or virtual queueing
You spoke and we listened! Last year we implemented a new way for you to call Customer Services for help and hold your place in line by receiving a call back when it’s your turn. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions and some helpful tips for using the feature:

  1. When will you get your call back?
    If you enter your call-back information, we call you back within the same period of time you elected to hold, always on the same day. For example, if you call and you are tenth in line, when you elect for a call back we call you immediately after assisting the ninth customer.

  2. What number should you leave for call back?
    If you need to use your phone while you are waiting for your call back, you can provide your cell phone number. You get the added convenience of holding your place in line while being able to move about your office, attend meetings, and continue working with your desk phone.

  3. Please include your extension.
    If you provide your desk phone for call back and you have an extension, please include it. This ensures the analyst returning your call is able to reach you.

  4. What if you miss the call?
    If you step away or miss our call back, unfortunately we can’t wait and we can’t auto-redial until we reach you. When possible, we leave a message. Tip: The number you see in your caller ID from our call back system will not get you to the analyst.

  5. Try Live Chat!
    You can always reach someone quickly using Live Chat. Access Live Chat during normal support hours at

Year-end tips
The first two weeks in January are some of the busiest times for your Customer Services teams. Please start preparing for year-end now by visiting our Sage City year-end center.
Other ways to avoid the rush at year-end and find answers immediately include: