ODBC Connection to FAS 100?



I can see an ODBC connection available (default name WINFAS32) but can't connect to it. I'd like to automate some spreadsheets that can verify VIN#s on our insurance policies. I've tried integrated security and specified user names, but neither seems to work. I get an ODBC error that the name and password are invalid. It does seem to be seeing the file okay, because if I have it open it gives me an error that it in use (single user version). 

Has anyone else been able to communicate with the ODBC connector? 



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    Hello Warren,

    We here in Support do not help with connecting to the databases from outside the program.

    However, what you are asking is for a custom interface, which our SES guys can do for you. If interested, please call 1- 800-368-2405 to speak with a representative who can put you in touch with that team. Please have your Sage customer account number available for the representative.