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Why is the Acquired Value field on the main asset page shows zeros, but the rest of the other field shows info?  After capitalizing an asset in the Asset Detail page by keying in the fields such as description, location, account numbers, acquisition value, depr method, etc and hit saved when finished.  I click over to the asset main page to see a listing of all the assets, I noticed the one i just capitalized doesn't show an amount in the Acquired Value, but the other fields has it.  Here's a screenshot below showing asset #5116 doesn't show a capitalized amount, but just $0.00.  I've already hit depreciation and it comes out fine.  The version i am using is 2023.1.

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    Hello Electek,

    My first guess at the “Why” would be some sort of refresh issue. Of course, without looking at the asset and how the Asset list is customized, I cannot say whether the book being displayed does not have a zero value.

    I just sat here in both Network and Premier Depreciation and added an asset and popped out to the asset list and I am not seeing the same thing. The value I entered is appearing on the Asset List as soon as I get to there after only saving the new asset.

    Which means, since I cannot reproduce the issue, that something else is going on with your asset list.

    You have 2023.1 installed, Which product?


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    I found the answer, in the asset detail page there are 5 different depreciation book records for the asset.  One of them didn't have the same placed-in-service date as the other 4.  When I changed the date to match with the other four now it is showing an amount in the Acquired Value field.