integrating fully depreciated assets


We acquired a company where all the assets were fully depreciated. I am trying to add the fully depreciated assets to our Sage Fixed Assets program.  How do I add an asset with value that is already fully depreciated?

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    Hi JCampanella,

    Create the asset record as you ordinarily would, entering the information as appropriate for the General and Book information fields.  But to indicate to the program that the asset is fully depreciated, you will also need to complete the Beginning fields.  These are fields that you normally leave blank when creating a new asset, one that has never been depreciated.

    In this case, however:

    • The Beginning Date should equal the date the asset became fully depreciated.  (The date should indicate the end of the month, e.g., 12/31/2022.)
    • The Beginning Accum field should equal the acquisition value.
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    yes, that worked. I got them in the system with the current A/D showing. When I run the annual activity report it shows the additions, but the depreciation expense report does not.  The balance of that depreciation account did not change.

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    Thank you for sharing your affirmative feedback!