Import data from another Sage Fixed Asset company license into a new company license

We had our STC fixed asset data on another Sage Fixed Asset license along with their WSH company fixed asset data (we had two locations...WSH and STC). We sold the WSH location, so WSH kept their Sage Fixed Asset system/license. Since we needed our STC fixed asset data that was on their system, we bought a new license for our STC data. Our IT person imported the data that was within an Excel file pulled from their WSH system, but it appears 7 fields of important information was either left out of the field selection or not mapped or something not correctly done during import. I have the Excel file from their WSH system with all our STC fixed asset data showing everything we need, including the 7 fields that are now missing after importing data into this new STC licensed system we're using.

I'm not sure if I'm not "viewing" the data properly or maybe I'm missing a setting, but can someone help to verify what I'm thinking is accurate (i.e. they didn't correctly map the 7 fields during import) and help me with what I need to do next? Can I delete this company + data and re-import again from the Excel file ensuring all data is mapped? 

When I first went into this new STC system I had to change "My Views" and select the 7 fields that were missing to see them since these columns of data weren't showing, but now that they show all their data shows "zeros" for all the dollar value fields, "NO" for Depr Method, and "00 yrs 00 mos" for Est Life.

The 7 fields missing after importing into the new system are the following:

  1. In Svc Date (shows blank except for 2 of the 450 items)
  2. Acquired Value (shows as $0.00)
  3. Current Accum (shows as $0.00)
  4. Current YTD (shows as $0.00)
  5. NBV (shows as $0.00)
  6. Depr Method (shows "NO" for most, but then "MA200" for the two items that had In Svc Dates listed)
  7. Est Life (shows "00 yrs 00 mos," but then it shows "07 yrs 00 mos" for the two items that had In Svc Dates listed)
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    Hello Teresa,

    I have lots of questions, which all boils down to: Exactly how was this import done? The thing that hangs me up the most is that you cannot, through the program, import an asset when the Service date is blank.

    Through the Custom Import, if you map a service date and that field is blank in the import file, that asset will error on validation and will not import.

    Everything else sounds correct for a zero-value asset.