Sage Fixed Assets


I recently setup a new company in FAS.  We are a heavy equipment rental company, and depreciate the equipment.  Starting in 2022, we transfer the equipment to our sales department, who then sells the used equipment.  In the past we were disposing of the asset when we transferred the equipment to sales, however, this messes with taxes, as it was disposed in one year, but sold in another.  That is there reason for the new company in FAS.  

I transferred the equipment to the new company, and changed the depreciation to "NO" so it would not depreciate.  However, when I transferred the equipment, I am not able to "dispose" of the item in FAS, as it just sits there.  It will not calculate the gain/loss at all.  I tried to dispose of assets that I had not changed the depreciation value, but it still will not allow me to dispose of the asset.

I did see today, that I can "dispose" when I transfer, but that didn't work either. It shows available in the new company. 

Has anyone setup a company for selling used assets? How do I fix this?  I need to track these separately, and for Financial, I have been using a spreadsheet, but I haven't been tracking the "Tax" side, and we have equipment from 2022 that finally sold in 2024.