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| Sage HRMS | Increasing the power of your business software with Alerts & Workflow | Part 6 of 6 |

With a little creativity, it is easy for organizations of any size to improve the movement of data & processes using alerts & workflow.  To learn how customers of all sizes can reap the operational and financial benefits of alerts & workflow using Sage HRMS, follow our six-post blog series, which continues below.

In this sixth and final post, we will look at Payroll activities by asking you to consider some issues that you may face in your business:

  1. How often do your employees exceed their overtime allotment? If the answer is too often: How much more efficient would it be if your organization could monitor, and alert you, when an employee is approaching their overtime allotment?

  2. How useful would it be for you to be notified when an employee’s pay rate has changed? If it would help you: How much time could be saved on payroll processing if you could automatically capture when an employee’s pay rate changes?

  3. How quickly do you get notified about new, on-demand checks? Do you ever spend valuable time tracking a check back to see who requested it and who approved it? If you recognize this issue: How much time could you save by having automated alerts & confirmations sent when a new check is requested, approved, and written?

If you recognize any of these issues in your organisation, then there is a case for deploying Alerts & Workflows within your HR processes.

Watch our Quick Feature Demonstration on the Sage Customer Support and Training YouTube channel as well as all the other resources available on the Sage City Community.