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Using the Employee Selection List to reduce Payroll processing time.

Payroll processing can take time with various tasks to complete each step and as well as running payroll reports. Sage HRMS Payroll offer some tools to reduce some of your payroll processing time. One of the options available is the Employee Selection.

What is Employee Selection?

The Employee Selection task allows you to create groups of employees and organized them in groups call Selection List and can be used to select employees on many windows in Sage HRMS Payroll thus, exclude unneeded employees from the current payroll run to reduce processing time while increasing performance. You can use the selection list to perform payroll tasks for example during Calculate Payroll to include these predetermine groups of employees, tasks or running reports.

  • To select a sequential range of employees, you can use the employee From and To
  • To process or print a non-sequential group of employees, you can set up and use Selection List.

The Employee selection include many features:

  • You can include as many employees as you need in a Selection List.
  • The same employees can belong to several different selection lists if needed.
  • After you create a selection list, you can use it on any Sage HRMS Payroll windows that has a Selection List
  • Selection List can be used to assign special Earnings/Deductions codes i.e. bonus, commissions etc.…
  • For a variety of payroll and government reports and more.

How to create a Selection List?

  • You can build a list through the manual method.
  • Build a list automatically by using the Copy, Criteria or Combine function.

To create an Employee selection List, you must have a user account that is part of a Group Security having full access to Sage HRMS Payroll.

  1. Open Payroll > Tasks > Employee Selection.
  2. Enter the following fields at the top of the window:
    • Selection List. Enter a code, up to eight characters, to identify the employee selection list you are setting up.
    • Description. Enter a description of the selection list, using up to 60 characters.
  3. In the table, enter the employees to be included in this list. Enter the Employee Number column only. The remaining columns are display only and you cannot edit them. You can add employees to a list in the following ways:
    • Manually enter employees one at a time. Type the employee numbers or select the employees from the Finder. When you select an employee number and proceed to the next field or line, the program displays the employee's name, pay frequency, and employment status (ActiveInactiveTerminated). To add another employee, highlight an existing employee line and press Insert on your keyboard.
    • Automatically enter several employees, by using the windows that open when you click the CopyCriteria, or Combine buttons, as explained below. You can then manually add more employees to the table (or delete them), if necessary.
    • To enable these buttons, do not enter any employee numbers in the table. After Payroll returns employee data to the Employee Selection window, the buttons are no longer available.
      • Copy. This button lets you copy all the employees of an existing selection list to the list that you are creating. Click the Copy button to open the Copy Payroll Employee Selection List window.
      • Criteria. This button lets you specify a broad range of criteria by which to select employees for your list. Click the Criteria button to open the Payroll Employee Selection List Criteria window.
  1. Combine. This button lets you choose employees from two existing selection lists when creating a new list. Click the Combine button to open the Combine Payroll Employee Selection List window.
  2. To delete an employee from the table, highlight the line for the employee, press Delete on your keyboard, then choose Yes at the message that displays.
  3. Click the Add button when you finish.

Using Assign Selection Lists to add employees to your selection lists.

  1. From the Payroll > Tasks, choose Assign Selection Lists.
  2. Select an employee by entering the employee number or by using the navigation buttons or the Finder.
  3. The Non-Member section (on the left) shows the selection lists to which the employee does not belong. The Member section (on the right) shows the selection lists to which the employee belongs.

Use the Include, All, Exclude, and None buttons to add or remove employees from the selection lists.

  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Close.

Note: If your company uses Group Level Security within Sage HRMS, the user must have access to the Payroll Company(s) and the following to create and assign Employee Selection List:

  • Selection List Maintenance
  • Employee Maintenance
  • Employee Deletion
  • Employee Inquiry

For more information with additional features available with Selection List, see the Sage HRMS Help menu or visit in the Sage HRMS product section, search keyword: Employee Selection.