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Announcing Sage HRMS Q1 2023 product update

What's new

We are excited to announce the launch of the NEW premium web version of Sage HRMS! We hope you enjoy this new and exciting experience of being able to work from anywhere, anytime to maintain your employee’s data.

This release introduces a convenient single sign-on solution that can be accessed via a web browser. HRMS Admin users can now complete their tasks without needing to work in person, VPN into offices machines, or hand work off to their in-office colleagues to manage maintenance.

Users who already have the Sage Employee Self Service product can now log in to one product to manage themselves and their team. First time web users can see how much easier web-based user management can be.

With modernized and streamlined interfaces and navigation, it’s easier than ever to manage your HR and Time Off data via your browser.

For detailed information about these releases, see the Sage HRMS Q1 2023 release notes.

Download and install this update

Important: If you use third-party products that integrate with Sage HRMS check with the vendor of your third-party product to ensure their product is fully compatible with these releases. If you integrate with other Sage products, check with your business partner or Sage to ensure that these components are compatible.

  1. Click applicable link below to download and install the update:

     2. If you are prompted to log on, enter your Customer Portal Username and Password, and then click Log on.

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