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| Five ways technology can optimize HR operations operations – part 1 of 5 |

Every organization can benefit from technology across its HR operations. It only takes a few moments to quantify the benefits in areas such as recruiting effectiveness, cost control, and employee retention.

Across five posts, we will highlight how technology can help HR teams optimize their operations.  In this first post, we look at automating recruitment.

Recruitment is a major responsibility within the HR department. Often spanning full-time employees, contractors, freelancers, and others, finding the right candidate for any job is a combination of planning, alignment to company strategy, and the task itself. From processing job requisition approvals and postings across advertising properties to sourcing resumes, automation can drive efficiencies from the very beginning right through to on-boarding & in-post employee management.  In the next post, we will look at the benefits of accurate reports & on-demand analytics.

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