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My Workforce Analyzer (MWA) deployment

An update for My Workforce Analyzer was deployed on April 10, 2024. The following legislative updates were included:


The ACA analysis dashboard in My Workforce Analyzer now supports 2024 Affordable Care Act rates, including updated Federal Poverty Level and Affordibility Standards for 2024.


The Federal Poverty Level limit is now set to $15,060 per year. The Affordability Factor Percentage used as the benchmark to determine the affordability of employer-sponsored health coverage is now set to 8.39%. The Affordability Factor Percentage for employees in the Employee-level Affordability Analysis view is now set to 8.39%.


These updated values will now be reflected in calculations run using My Workforce Analyzer.


For more information, including penalty amounts, refer to the Affordable Care Act's employer shared responsibility provision (Code Sec. 4980H).