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HI, i'm trying to create a report for tax exemptions and W-4 amounts.  I have the knowledgebase article  that calls out that PARMSEQ refers to the field on the screen and PARMVAL is that value.  But is there any way to get the Tax Field and Value entries?  I need to get the descriptions per se so in this example screenshot i want the words 'Exemptions from W-4'.  Are those in a table somewhere?  Or do I have to just create formulas for all these 'sequences' ?  Thanks.

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    Hi  ,

    I see you're looking to create a report with tax exemption and W-4 amounts and need help finding the SQL table information for the 'Exemptions from W-4' field and value entries. Our Knowledgebase article on running Data Dictionary Reports could be just what you need.

    Here's a quick guide to help you get the descriptions you're looking for:

    1. From the Navigation Pane, go to Report > System > Data Dictionary Reports.
    2. Use the Fields List radio button to get a list of all the fields within each database file.
    3. Check the checkboxes for the products you want to include in your report.
    4. Preview the report or print it directly for your reference.

    If your HRMS crashes when running standard reports, it may be beneficial to reinstall the HRMS client, as suggested by our support team. However, if you need the descriptions behind the 'PARMSEQ' and 'PARMVAL' fields, these Data Dictionary Reports should give you the detailed information you require without having to create long formulas.

    Please note, if your system is up to date, the reports you receive should be accurate. If you still need further assistance or have not received the reports, please check your spam folder or let us know an alternative email to send them to.

    If there's anything more we can help you with, or if you need further clarification, don't hesitate to ask and or Chat with support.

    Warm Regards,

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    I need to know what table those values are behind PARMSEQ and PARMVAL fields.  I don't know if you happen to know which of these long list of fields on the Data Dictionary Report lines up?  I have looked through the whole list but can't find them.  I'm going to guess that these are tied to the taxcodes themselves.