Challenge Question (20201125) Database file list

Recently I hosted an SAP Crystal Reports webinar on linking tables and was asked where can I find more information on the tables and fields to use in a Crystal Report. From the Navigation Pane in Sage HRMS, select Reports > (System) Data Dictionary Reports. The Data Dictionary describes the database structure for all the database files used by Sage HRMS. You can use this information when building expressions within Sage HRMS or creating custom reports using SAP Crystal Reports.

This leads me to our challenge question.

From within Sage HRMS, you can access the Payroll data dictionary from the Reports menu.  Where else can you access the Data Dictionary Report for the Payroll module?

The answer I am looking for is from the Help menu bar.  Select   > Search Help. Click on the Index tab and type Data Dictionary.  At the top right hand corner of the screen in Related topics, select Sage HRMS Database file list. When you click on a file, it will show you detailed information on that file (Field name and description, type, length, and number of decimal places).

I prefer to use the Help menu to access the data dictionary files and fields for the following reasons:

1. I can search help for a particular table ie. hrpersnl or upempl.  It is much faster than going page by page through the report in the navigation pane.

2. There is no need to run two separate reports, one for files and another for fields. 

3.  There are additional links relating to the data dictionary with helpful information, such as Database terms, custom details database file list and more.

In general, I find the search capability must easier and faster to use from the help menu.  What's your preference and why?