Calculating Age - Part 3

In Calculating Age Parts 1 and 2 we used Expression Builder to calculate someone's age for benefit insurance plans and rate tables.  If you want to learn more about using expressions and setting up benefit plans, be sure to go to Sage University and enroll in 'HRMS - Sage HRMS - Managing your HR Setup in Sage HRMS (Virtual)' instructor-led training where you get hands on learning.  You will get the opportunity to earn a Sage HRMS HR Setup Badge!  

During this virtual, instructor-led course we will introduce you to the set up and management of HR code tables in Sage HRMS. Starting with an overview of all HR code tables in the system, we will deep-dive into creating, editing, and managing benefit code tables. We will review the file structure, functions, and expressions, as well as the tool you will use to manage them – Expression Builder. From rate tables to formulas and complex benefit codes containing both, this course will give you a thorough, hands-on approach to managing your setup for Sage HRMS. This training includes hands-on exercises so you can practice what you have learned in a demo environment.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Recognize benefits of using code tables
  • Explain what code tables are
  • Use the manual to:
    • Indicate the use of each table
    • Locate the field that uses the table
    • Indicate whether codes in the table can be changed
      • Use Expression Builder to create formulas and expression in Sage HRMS
      • Enter, manage, and edit codes in Sage HRMS

If you have active Sage HRMS Gold or Premium support, Sage HRMS instructor-led training is 50% off and any-time learning videos are free!  If you have the standard silver plan, there is a fee.  

To see what training offerings are available for Sage HRMS, go to Sage University and use the Search field to search for a topic or for role based training click on  'View roles' in the tile 'Training and certification by role'.  You can contact Sage University via phone at 1-855-724-3864 or email [email protected].  If you are reseller and have certification inquiries, please email [email protected].

For any-time learning videos, I would recommend the 'HRMS - Sage HRMS - HR Benefit Administrator: Complete package'.

Stay tuned.... as next week we'll use formulas to calculate an employee's age in SAP Crystal Reports.