Premium vs Non Premium Version

Renaming Versions

During the last year you may have heard Sage HRMS referred to as subscription or non subscription version.  With the Q1 2022 release in March, the version names of Sage HRMS have changed.

Premium (previously subscription) will contain legislative changes, fixes and enhancements.

Non Premium (previously non subscription or original version) will contain legislative changes and fixes.  The difference is non premium will not receive new design functionality otherwise known as enhancements. 


Our instructor-led training classes use the Premium version of Sage HRMS and ESS in the labs.  


If you are interested in finding out what is new in the Premium version, you can refer to the product update Release Notes.  Previous release notes can be accessed from within Sage HRMS by navigating to

Help > Product Documentation (you can also click here). Select Sage HRMS > Tax and Product Update Release Notes for your country.   

How can you tell if you have the Premium version?

At the Sage HRMS logon screen it will show Premium Version.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Q2 product update later this month with changes to both versions of Sage HRMS and ESS.  A Sage City post and an HRMS in-product message will be sent when the update is available to download from the Sage Knowledgebase.