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Important notice for Sage 50 U.S. instructors

Sage 50 U.S. edition 2023 and older will no longer be supported by Sage as of March 6, 2024. If you are not on the latest 2024.0 version, we recommend you download it today to avoid any disruptions to your course agenda.

What will happen if I continue to use an unsupported version?

Sage 50 versions 2021, 2022, and 2023 will become retired on our education website on March 6, 2024. The current use of these older versions will not be disrupted unless a download is needed. We highly recommend you make the switch soon as older versions pose a security risk and have an outdated database.

What do I need to do?

Get the latest educator version by applying for a membership at this link: Sage Education Program for educators.

Your students can apply for their registration codes and download the latest version at this link: Sage Education Program for students.

For additional resources, please refer to the following:

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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The Sage Education Team