sage 50 can't support the Windows XP

Hi everyone!

I have a problem with downloading the Sage 50. it shows that the sage 50 can't support the Windows XP. Can anyone give me a suggestion? I don't have another PC for doing that.

thanks for any feedback!

have a good day!
Lai Yi

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    Hi Lai, 

    Thanks for reaching out. I've got the below article pulled from our Knowledgebase archive, however we no longer have the Student versions 2014-2016 listed on our available downloads. Sage 50 requires supported operating systems for data security purposes. This is why you're running into the blocked install.

    Your best option may be to take the machine into a computer shop to see if they can put Windows 10 on it.

    Sage 50 CA 2015 is not supported and has not been tested on Windows XP.


    Option I:

    1. Upgrade computer according specifications at
    2. Install Sage 50 2014.4..
    3. Verify that you can now open Sage 50.

    Option II:

    Revert back to older 2014.x version

    1. Uninstall both the 2015 and 2014 versions of Sage 50.
    2. Retrieve and install download of original 2014 version.
    3. Make sure you install 2014.3 update after the installation is completed. Please take note that 2014.4 is not supported in an XP environment.
    4. Verify that you can now open Sage 50.

    Sorry for this news but hope it helps.

    Warm Regards,