Paycheque access denied


I am currently working on an assignment for school. For some reason the "Paycheque" tab is denied. Specifically "Create Paycheque" and "Adjust Paycheque" are light grey and can not be accessed. I can "Look up Cheque". I have access to the "Payroll Cheque Run", but when I enter someones payroll information, the CPP and Income Tax are different than my teachers entries. Is there a setting I am missing. I have not altered the files that my teacher sent, so I am lost on what I can do. Any help would be greatly appreciate!

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    Hi ,

    Thanks for reaching out. Did you ever find an answer for this issue? Apologies for the delay, sounds like you'll need to check Setup > Set Up Users & Roles.

    Before that though check that you are using the "sysadmin login" in "single user mode," the bottom right of the software will confirm you're in this mode:

    When you then access  the Setup menu > Set Up Users & Roles, and Modify user, check that all the boxes on the payroll line are checked. This enables access to "Create a Paycheque" etc. 

    If you are still looking for guidance, please let us know and we can try to point you in the right direction or suggest some resources or next steps.

    Warm Regards,


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    Hi Erzsi,

    Thank you for your assistance. I have a similar trouble and I did manage to find the "sysadmin login" in "single user mode" as you mentioned, and I confirmed that I'm in that mode. After accessing the Setup menu > Set Up Users & Roles and modifying the user, I ensured that all the boxes on the payroll line are checked to enable access to "Create a Paycheque" and other functions.

    However, I'm still facing some difficulties with the issue I initially mentioned. Could you please suggest any further resources or steps that might help me resolve this issue?