5D BIM is better than Cost Estimates elaborated with traditional methods?

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I am working on a paper to determine if a 5D BIM Estimate has a better level of accuracy than an estimate made with a traditional design process. The intention is to demonstrate that IPD approach used by BIM produces a better cost estimate. For that, I need Cost Estimates made by BIM at different stages. It could be at Criteria Design or Detailed Design Stage where there is early participation of constructors. I will not mention the company or the project. I can reference the sector but for confidentiality reasons, I will not show any name. I hope you can help me out.

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    A couple of comments...

    1.  a good estimate is based on a good model - everything drawn correctly...all objects drawn as the "item" they represent (walls = walls, not generic 3D masses, etc.).  The objects are also assigned the correct properties.  I would question whether the model is drawn accurately enough at early stages to get a good estimate without a log of model conditioning and assumptions.

    2. I would question if the design team is going to be paid enough to create a very detailed model.  For example, I would think the model would not probably contain different carpet grades.  The estimator may need to have a copy of the 2D drawings to provide that detail.  Not 100% sure about this.