Sage 50 2019 Student Version - Crash with backup


These questions are from one of my Sage50 2019 students at Frederick Community College:

I just went and double checked that files were saving, which they are. But every time I've done the export and company back-up, I am getting the following message:

"The program Sage50 has stopped working, the program will close while we find a solution" and then it just closes afterwards but opens back up without any issues.  

 It seems every time I try to import the employee list to PDF the program keeps crashing on me and won't convert it. The excel portion seems to convert fine though.

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    Hi ,

    Thanks for reaching out. We recommend to check for anti-virus that may be interfering (AVG and AVAST are known to cause issues). I've asked the team to release the draft of KB 12472 which should be available on soon and includes the below steps to try.  For further assistance, please email the team at  [email protected]

    Some other causes include:

    • Anti-virus or Anti-spyware is interfering
    • Service Release is not installed
    • An old version of On-line backup is installed
    • User Account Control (UAC) is interfering
    • User logged into Microsoft Windows under an account with limited user access
    • Program is not running with administrator privileges
    • Conflict with touch screen keyboard service
    • Damaged files in the data folder
    • Damaged standard report file
    • A valid printer is not set as a default printer in the operating system
    • Running the program in a cloud environment
    • Regional and Language settings
    • Hosts file missing localhost line
    • Microsoft .Net Framework damaged
    • Windows updates need to be installed
    • Damaged WMI
    • Incorrect version of the program installed on a workstation
    • CryptoWall virus infection
    • Printer driver conflict
    • Incorrect data path
    • Network drive mapped to IP address instead of computer name

    STEPS to try include:

    Run Sage 50—U.S. Edition as Administrator

    1. Right-click Sage 50 icon and select Run as administrator.
    2. Verify that Sage can open and/or install update without error.
    3. If error persists, proceed to next section.
    4. Close Sage, and then right-click the Sage icon.
    5. Click Properties.
    6. Click Compatibility tab.
    7. Select Run this program as an administrator box.
    8. Click OK.
    9. Verify Sage opens and runs without error.

    Disable anti-virus program

    Note: If you use Sophos or Kaspersky, you may need to remove the anti-virus program completely to resolve the error. If you find the error disappears after uninstalling the anti-virus program, contact the program manufacturer for assistance with the install and configuration of the anti-virus so that it will not conflict with Sage.

    Warm Regards,