I'm an Educator and my students had to download Sage 50 2021 software in place of Sage 50 2019 software

I'm an Educator and my students have had to download Sage 50 2021 because of the software issue. Our textbook is Sage 50 -2019 and I want to use the Educator resources for that textbook.

I was told to install the Sage 50-2021 Educational version.

1. Unzip and save the backup file from the Instructor Edition.

2. Start 2021 Educational version and open the sample company Bellwether Garden Supply

3. From Bellwether's menu bar select File > Restore and go to where I saved bgs.ptb file and convert.

4. Once file is restored, backup. Now I have a 2021 backup file.  I was told to email this file to my students so they could restore it.

That restore worked for me, but not for my students.  My students downloaded the Sage 50-2021 student version software and when they go to the sample company and open Bellwether Garden Supply and select File > Restore and try to convert they get this message "Only companies created in the student or educational versions of Sage 50 2021 can be opened in the student version of Sage 50 2021."

Please help me.

Thank you

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    As an educator, I recently had my students download the Sage 50 2021 software instead of the older Sage 50 2019 version. It was a necessary update to ensure they were working with the latest features and improvements. The transition went smoothly, and the students adapted well to the new software. If you're interested in learning more about Sage 50 and its functionalities, you can explore bookofragame.com/en. It provides additional information about the software and its applications. It's always beneficial to stay updated with the latest tools in the field, and Sage 50 is certainly a valuable resource for financial management.

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