• Where is my student serial number?

    I registered for Sage 50 for students about week ago. I would like to know when I will be receiving the serial number?
  • Where can I locate the teacher's addition of this book?

    I am teaching Sage 50 US edition (core accounting) at Prince George's Community College. I received my book yesterday, but I do not see the answers to the questions in the back of each Module. Where can I locate the teacher's addition of this book? This…
  • I'm an Educator and my students had to download Sage 50 2021 software in place of Sage 50 2019 software

    I'm an Educator and my students have had to download Sage 50 2021 because of the software issue. Our textbook is Sage 50 -2019 and I want to use the Educator resources for that textbook. I was told to install the Sage 50-2021 Educational version. …
  • Re:free student account

    Hello I have applied for a student account and am needing the account approval urgently. Does anyone know the approval time frame. My group project is depending on it.
  • Product key Activation

    I haven't received my product key yet This is my Email: [email protected] Sage50 US Edition 2021
  • Sage 50 - 2019 Installation

    Dear Sirs, I am a student at Glendale Community College in the USA, CA. I am taking accounting courses and sage50 - 2019 is our Educating Version, I am facing difficulties with reinstalling my sage 50-2019 Because I Installed the first time and…
  • student Sage 50 2016

    I would like to see if i would be able to purchase a used book from someone or do i need a new one. also where I can download the 2016 student version of the software.
  • Apple products

    Hi, I recently downloaded Sage student version and when I try to open it tells me I do not have the program that it's needed for me to open Sage on my MacBook Air. Does anyone know which program needs to be dowloaded to be able to open Sage?
  • The Software

    Hello All, I am having difficulty opening the SAGE app. It will not open whatsoever and it prompts me to contact field support, whom do not help with the student version. My teacher told me to come here and see if anyone has had this problem and solved…
  • My Peachthree 2012 accounting Student version is Expired

    My peachthree 2012 accounting Student version is Expired and i been working on for two companies and i need to install the complete version to keep use same data with same companies. is there any solution to avoid losing my job ? thank you in adv…
  • How to get Sage 50 2016 to download

    I haven't been able to get US version of sage 50 2016 to download. It only gives options to open or save. If I try to open it asks what program or app should be use to open it. Ive been trying to get help from support but so far no go. Anyone know how…
  • Registration Help

    I've been trying to get registered for the student version of Sage50 2018 for several weeks. I've filled out the form on the sage website with my student email address four times and have not received a response. I'm not making any typos with my email…
  • about sage 50 2015

    hello i am taking accounting course i have installed sage 50 2015 but i cant use it, when i flow up the booklet step there nothing in MURALS folder so i cant open it, and i also cant open my school assessment files. thank you cindy
  • Typo in e-mail address when registering/at registration

    I need help activating & installing the Student version of Sage Premium. It's possible that I may have submitted a typo within my email address when I first registered for my Sage Premium Student version. I am not asking for Technical support. All I am…
  • Activation

    I need help with activating my Sage 50 2017. I have received an email after registering my product giving me a serial number but I see no where to put that serial number in. I click activate online and it says there was a problem and to call this number…
  • Activation problem

    I am a new student.I installed Sage 50 2017, but I can not activate. It have said "There was a problem activating" and the widow has closed. What can I do? Alsi, I don't have cosumer id.
  • Help!

    Hello, I have downloaded and installed the Sage50 Accounting 2017 program 3 times. Every time I try to open one of the sample companies or create a company, I get an error message saying "Sage50 cannot be started." Right now, every time I open the program…
  • I need help with installation/ registration/ activation of 2017 Sage 50 US Edition STUDENT VERSION ASAP!

    Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000299 EndHTML:000457858 StartFragment:000456374 EndFragment:000457722 StartSelection:000456374 EndSelection:000457716 SourceURL:http://webmaila.juno.com/webmail/new/5?session_redirect=true&userinfo=786be2830c62a77cfa24379d4733c7bd&count…
  • registration

    i need the link to register as a student for sage 50. i have the book and the disc and cannot figure out how to register so i can get in the program.
  • installation keeps freezing

    I have been trying to install (via DVD) the Sage 50 software and it has been frozen for about 2 hours now. I cancelled and started over, with no luck.
  • Sage 50 2015 student version won't work

    I am getting a pervasive error and cannot get sage 50 2015 to work. Uninstalled and reinstalled because I think, I forgot to register 02/20/2017. says expired but it should be good for 14 months. How can I get this fixed?
  • Opening Company Files from the Student disk

    When I try to open a company file it gives me a pop up box that says "only companies created in the student or educational versions of Sage 50 2015 can be opened in the student version of Sage 50 2015" How do I fix this?
  • Activation Issue

    First I would like to say that no one answers the phone number you give for the student department of Sage. I have left 2 voice mails and have received no response. The first message was left last Thursday. I have sent an email and have yet to hear back…
  • Unable to open program after downloading

    I have installed, deleted and reinstalled at least 6 times (from disc and online) and I am unable to open the software. I have homework due in 3 days and need HELP!!!
  • Can somebody please help me Figure this out?????

    I'm a student at ashworth college I need to do my final project but i am not able to find Net Solutions Account ( Richard Chan) I downloaded all the steps it told me to but i just cant seem how to work this part of the sage 50