Sage 50 2021 backup

My student opened a new company as suggested and tried to restore the 2021 backup file and it did not work! Student received the same message that I sent in my earlier post.

Please help. As the professor I have Sage 50 2019 educator resources, the students have a Sage 50- 2019 textbook and they had to install Sage 50 2021 software in the last minute.

I'm not sure how this will work. All suggestions are welcome but I have to get this resolved so the students can work in the course. 

  • Hi Ann, 

    Thanks for reaching. Did you reach out to support directly for this? The Sage 50 US support team can assist at 1-866-747-3888 with the educational version directly with teachers of programs.

    A 2019 version of the software would be unable to open newer formatted files like 2021 unfortunately.

    The 2021 version would be able to upgrade and launch a 2019 formatted file though. Hope this helps.

    Warm Regards,