Sage X3 - Student/Educational Version

Does Sage offer an educational version of the X3 software?

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    Thanks for this question! Currently and for the last number of years our Educational Partner Program has only offered Sage Accounting, Sage 50 and Sage 300. 

    I've forwarded your post here onto the team at [email protected] to see if there's any changes coming. Will update you with any news.

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    Update from the team that due to Sage X3 requiring a high level of customization for implementation usually with the assistance of a partner, we're not likely to see it offered through the Educational Partner Program. Sage 300 is offered for ERP businesses though. 

    To meet the needs of our partners globally and offer more flexibility in aligning roles and responsibilities, the Sage University team has announced changes to the Technical Training and Certification. 

    The Technical Consultant course and certification has been split into two: System Engineer and System Administration Consultant. Read more about this here.