• the best sage package

    Can some help me with an advice on the best sage package for a University.
  • Inventory adjustment error

    I adjust an inventory level from 133 to 33 for accuracy. It shows that the transaction occurred but when you look at the amount it still shows 133. I rebooted the software and it still did not update. Can anyone help? Has anyone run up against this as…
  • any work around with the restoring PTB files from a professor's educational version

    I am in a Hybrid course which requires in class training on the 2017 software with out of class assignments. The in class files won't work in my Student Version Sage 50 2017 which obviously came with the very expensive text book. How are you suppose to…
  • Access Denied for File

    When trying to create a new company I'm receiving multiple versions of the same error "Access denied for file ... You only have read access to this file, no updates allowed"
  • Batch wise Inventory tracking manufacturing and expiry date

    Please guide me someone...........is it possible to track inventory in sage by Article+Batch+HS Code+Item Name+ manufacturing and expiry date+Size+Quantity+Unite price+Amount S.No | Article | Item Name | HS Code | Manufacturing and expire date …