How To Print Total Billings: From Years Back To Present


I was audited and I need to produce all of my annual billings and payment histories, from 2008 to present. I have tried to figure it out but without success. Any guidance would be appreciated, Thank you in advance.

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    That's likely going to be a question that will require more involvement than can be handled via a bulleting board, but I'll get you started.

    Audited by whom? What sort of data are we looking for?

    Your A/R Transactions listing would be the first place I would start, but watch for missing older clients that you may have Inactivated or Closed since 2008. You may need to reopen them or tell Timeslips to bring in those client records as well.

    You should be able to ask for the date range, and then sort and subtotal the results by Transaction Type to get: total invoices issued and payments received.

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