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We are moving from QB to Timeslips.  I need help with how to move the data as well as how to set up categories so that we can run specific reports. We are in Ventura county, CA

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    As a QB and Timeslips consultant I would be happy to talk about how we can help. Timeslips can replace QB for billing but you will still want QB for your financial accounting. You can setup the programs to link to reduce double entry. This may also be a way to bring in data. 
    please reach out to me at to discuss. 

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    Hi   ,

    Thank you for reaching out for assistance with transitioning from QuickBooks to Sage Timeslips. It sounds like you need help with both migrating your data and setting up categories for specific reporting in Timeslips.

    For a seamless migration and setup, Sage offers the Timeslips Expert Data Services. This premium service gives you access to a senior product analyst who will work closely with you to ensure your company's data needs are met, including database migration from Sage or non-Sage programs and personalized setup to align with your business requirements.

    To get started with data migration and to set up categories for reporting:

    1. Data Services: Reach out to our team directly via [email protected] to discuss the services needed for your data migration and the associated fees.

    2. Data Import via TSImport: Timeslips Import (TSImport) allows you to import data from an ASCII delimited format, which most programs can export to. This includes tab-delimited, comma-delimited, custom delimited, single field, or fixed-length formats.

    3. Preparing Your Data: Ensure that your exported data files are properly formatted according to the rules specified for TSImport to prevent any import errors.

    4. TSImport Journal: Use the TSImport Journal to keep a record of the import process, which can help troubleshoot any issues that might arise during the import.

    5. Support and Troubleshooting: If you encounter any challenges or need additional guidance, our support team is available to chat and provide further assistance.

    Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any specific questions or to request a data service. We’re here to support your transition every step of the way.

    Warm Regards,


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     , I can't imagine tackling this project and not including  .  This project is exactly her wheelhouse.