When will Timeslips Anywhere replace Premium?

Hello Sage.  My firm is a 15+ year user of Timeslips Premium. While it's a great product, I've been hoping for a cloud version of this software for a long time.  All other software we utilize has migrated to the cloud, resulting in less IT headaches and increased productivity.  When will Timeslips Anywhere replace Premium?  Can you share any updates or roadmaps on the Timeslips Anywhere product as it pertains to law firm end-users?  Will it offer 100% data migration from Premium?  Thanks!

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    Hi Nicolas,

    I'll step in and say that there are no plans on our roadmap to have Timeslips Anywhere completely replace Timeslips Premium as we know it today. 

    Some user's businesses are migrating to the cloud and embrace that while others abhor that idea completely.  And to be frank, Timeslips Premium can be hosted in the cloud as well with a competent partner including companies like Web House (www.webhse.com) who we have worked with successfully.

    Does Timeslips Anywhere have a migration plan from Timeslips Premium?  No, it does not.  That isn't the goal and is not on the road map.

    Is it possible to import certain data from any source into Timeslips Anywhere? Yes, absolutely.

    Sage Timeslips Anywhere (STA for short) is in its infancy and will certainly develop more and more features over time. 

    Feel free to contact one of our account executives and discuss your needs at 800-285-0999 Option 2.

    We sincerely appreciate your loyalty being a Timeslips customer for many years and hope to be your time and billing partner for many more years to come.